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barre coeurs dorés


Né le 20 février 2014


Fils du Multi Champion Bai Kuin Ya Santa et de la Multi Championne Sozvezdie Chrizantem Chaynaya Roza


Happy Birthday Boogie-Woogie!!!

We wish You all the best in your sweet life :) be happy, healthy and lucky <3

Also best wishes to your mom Corine :) <3


your Piccolo Tibet family

Natalia, Iulian and Bogdan


Le 20 Février 2019


Joyeux anniversaire mon bb d'amour. ..!!!😍😍😍




Mon bb d'amour 4 ans 1/2...7k500 mon prince Moldave 😍



Petite carte de Nadia pour Boogie

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My love...Happy Birthday...3years...!!!


Voici une petite carte de Nadia

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Un petit mot de Iulian

Hi Corine!!!


We are so happy to have news from You :)

Boogie looks very beautiful and happy.

Happy Birthday! We wish for You Corine and for Boogie Health, Love and Happiness!!!


Hugs and kisses from me, Natalia and Bogdan!!!! 

<3 <3 <3





14 Février 2017 

Boogie Woogie bientôt 3 ans mon bébé d'amour...!!! Toujours aussi fabuleux...!!!


Ma petite carte d'anniversaire


Un petit mot de Iulian

Hello Corine, Arthur and Boogie!!!

Two years ago Boogie was born. He was born to be happy :)
I'm lucky breeder, because I have You Corine. You are Special person for us. You are Big World for Boogie.
We, Natalia, me, Bogdan and Alina from England, congratulait You and Boogie! Be Happy, Healthy and we wish to you a lot of Love and smiles in your home!

With love from Moldova!
Vrabie family (Piccolo Tibet kennel)



Hello Corine and all your wonderful family! Thank you very much for such warm wishes, thank you for not forgetting about us, we also congratulate you with New Year, we wish you all the best, happiness, health, peace and may all your wishes come true!!

All our family is at home and we are looking at the pictures you sent us, thank you very much and we all really love you!!

Many kisses to Boogie Woogie and his son!!




Boogie présente ses "meilleurs vœux" à tous




Boogie fête noël !!!



Boogie fête Halloween avec ses fils LOTUS et LOBSANG...!!!


Le 28 Octobre 2015

Hé oui... Le temps passe très vite...!!!
Voici mon Bébé qui a bien grandit et qui est devenu un beau jeune homme.Déjà un an que tu nous combles de bonheur par ta douceur, ta gentillesse et ta gaieté,jamais un grognement toujours égal a toi même...
A ce jour je remercie encore Iulian et Natalia,pour ce magnifique bébé d'amour...!!!Bises à vous deux...!!!

Hey yes... Time goes by very fast!!!

My Baby who has well grows up and who became a beautiful young man.

On already one year you fill us of happiness by your sweetness, your kindness and your cheerfulness, never a growl always equal to you even ...

To date I still thank Iulian and Natalia, for this magnificent baby of love!!! Kisses to you two!!!


Ils sont jeunes
Ils sont beaux
Ils ont fauté avant l'heure ...

I'Yangchen Lhamo du Rajah Brooke's Birdwing (photo de gauche) et Piccolo Tibet Boogie Woogie (photo de droite) vous présentent leurs 6 magnifiques bébés nés le 6 mai 2015.


CACS de Joinville le 17 mai 2015

juge : Mme Petroula Richard Douma
1er Excellent en Classe Jeune, Mâles
Meilleur Jeune
Meilleur de Race







20 février 2015

" Yes Iulian. Today is a big day for my Little Prince. 1 year !! Thank you Iulian, Natalia & Bogdan for this beautiful present. Big kiss from FRANCE. "



" Hello Boogie!!! Hello Corine and Arthur!!!!

Today is BIG Day in calendar :) Boogie's first Birthday!!! Big congratulations!!! Best wishes and mooooooooore kisses. With Love from Moldova. Iulian, Natalia, Bogdan and dad Santa :) Best Regards, Mr. Iulian Vrabie "


Troyes le 8 février 2015
Troyes le 8 février 2015

Bravo mon p'tit pére ...Un peu timide ,soit mais ça va le faire...!!!

Troyes le 8 février 2015
juge : Mme Lydie Estru

2ème Excellent en Classe Jeune, Mâles


Paris Dog Show le 11 janvier 2015
juge : Mr Kerihuel

2ème Excellent en Classe Jeune, Mâles






" Corina, I congratulate you and your family a Merry Christmas. Lena "

 " Dear Corine and dear Arthur and of course dear Boogie Woogie!
Thank you very very much for your incredible wishes, our family is very happy that Boogie Woogie, even virtually, brought us together! We wish you great health, big successes and mutual love! We hope that 2015 will be even happier, even more joyful and we hope that Boogie will continue making you happy, and we also hope to personally meet you some time soon! We are always happy to read things from you and see the pictures you send us, and we are truly happy that Boogie brought to

your family a piece of us! Kisses and hugs and best wishes and a happy New Year! Iulian, Natalia, Alina, Bogdan and all Boogie's friends! "





21 décembre 2014

10 mois








14 décembre 2014

presque 10 mois


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